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 1.Where can I purchase original spare parts for my generator?

All consumables and original spare parts for Huatai brand of generators are available at our area dealers. Furthermore, you can notify your demands for spare parts of all kinds of engines, alternators and generators to Huatai to obtain information and quotes about them.

2 .What will happen if I overload my generator?

 Category (standby, prime, continuous) of your generator set has been indicated on its label. If a generator is used above its rating, the following problems might happen:

- Engine might overheat 

- Wearing of the engine might increase 

- Alternator's windings might overheat 

- Lubricant might get thinned and lubrication pressure might decrease 

- Service life of the engine might shorten

3 .Does my generator emit a noise?

 Exhausts, bodies and fans of all generator sets emit a noise. Depending on the type of the site where the generator is installed, certain measures are necessary. 

Acoustic insulation cabins provided by Huatai are an optimum solution to ensure maximum noise control.

4 .How can I calculate the generator capacity I need?

 Calculation of the generator capacity needed by a user requires specialty and depends on various factors. 

Related factors include the operation category, properties of the loads, ambient conditions, and optional products. 

You can get assistance from Huatai Servicers.

5 .What are the standard units of a generator?

 Generators can contain different units and options depending on their brand. 

Main units are:

- Engine 

- Alternator 

- Radiator 

- Chassis - Daily fuel tank 

- Battery 

- Control panel 

- Transfer panel

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