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When building your new home or if considering home improvements ensuring that you have access to a reliable power source or standby power source is of critical consideration. With the increased frequency of power outages domestic tasks such as cooking, heating, bathing and refrigeration can be extremely unpleasant for you and your family. This though need not be the case.

HTP's range of residential power solutions have been customised to meet your exact needs and requirements. The attractive full weather protective enclosure will ensure that the unit does not detract from your architectural design.

Maintenance is often a major concern for potential purchasers. Depending on the frequency and length of operation the appropriate attention must be given to the unit but for the most part ensuring that all lubricants and fluid levels are correct, that the filters are clean and ensuring that the unit contains enough fuel will be the extent of getting your hands dirty.
The automatic mains failure is connected directly to your homes electrical system ensuring that in the event of a power failure your life continues without an interruption.

With the additional option of complete sound attenuation HTP makes sure that the unit does not disturb you or your neighbours, thereby putting the power back in your hands.

Factors to consider when choosing your power solution

Do all household appliances have to be operational or only certain items such as a geyser, stove and plug points and lights? 
Do you require remote monitoring? 
Do you require sound attenuation ? 
Does your property have the required space to house the generator set? 
Does the generator require a modified exhaust system?
All HTP generator sets are designed and built in compliance with European Standards of Acceptable Noise and Emission levels.

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