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Healthcare Industry

For every hospital, backup power is imperative to ensure that emergency and life support systems remain fully operational. It's critical that hospitals have a backup power solution, because power outages are often unexpected and unpredictable. The safety of those in immediate need of healthcare is certainly a priority, and fortunately HTP range of generator sets can ensure that those patients healthcare needs will be taken care of with little to no interruption.

When doctors are performing surgery and there is a power failure it is critical that an automatic mains failure switch be fitted to a generator set ensuring that vital power is still on hand to keep life support machines and other necessary healthcare tools working, thus sustaining human life. Additional components such as mains return switches are also fitted to prevent a surcharge of electricity, which may overload the equipment, when the power returns to normal. HTP understands these unique requirements and only makes use of the industry leading equipment and components to ensure that the power is put back into the doctor’s hands.

Factors to consider when choosing your power solution


What critical equipment will need to operate in the event of a power outage? 
Will there be a need for remote monitoring?

Will the exhaust system require modification? 
Will there be sensitivity of equipment ie the need for electronic governing? 
Will there be need for sound attenuation?

All HTP generator sets are designed and built in compliance with European Standards of Acceptable Noise and Emission levels.

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